La última tarde  
Last Afternoon
Narrative Short
USA, 2021

Two immigrant friends share their deepest worries, desires, and frustrations in a Brooklyn park. Through the wormhole of their own perspectives, the filmmaker creeps in, breaking apart the film’s construction of reality. La última tarde is a search for belonging and connection, in a world in that is becoming increasingly alienating.

Director, Writer, Editor: Lorena Alvarado
Starring: Andrea Hall, Maria Paula Forero, Irene Alvarado

It Is a Soul    
Documentary Short
USA, 2021

It Is a Soul is an atmospheric tone poem that looks at the music and life of legendary Ethiopian jazz keyboardist Hailu Mergia. The film tracks memories of Hailu’s past as an iconic musician in Addis Ababa in the 1970s, and his present day as a re-emergent performer in his adopted country of the United States.

Directors: Adam Golfer & Lorena Alvarado
Producer: Jessica Beshir

Documentary Short 
Italy, 2017

Beatrice has cultivated a passion for fencing since she was a child. At 11, she contracted severe meningitis which took her to the brink of death. In the hospital, the doctors gave her an unimaginable choice: keep her limbs and risk death, or amputate all four to ensure survival. She chose life. Now, Vio is a Paralympic champion and the only fencer in the world who competes without arms or legs.

Big Sky Film Festival
Florida Film Festival
Lecce Film Festival
New York Indie Doc Festival
NYC Shorts - Winner Best Documentary
Amarcord Film Festival
Athena Film Festival
Inspire Film Festival
Malatesta Short Film Festival
Ladies with Lenses
Picture Farm Film Festival